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Thunderstruck Farms Riding Academy

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At THUNDERSTRUCK FARMS RIDING ACADEMY all students, whether beginning or advanced, are encouraged to develop their personal horsemanship skills. If your child has never touched a horse, but is horse crazy, we can help them gain the confidence and skill-set required to safely handle them.  Classes are split into different levels of abilities to ensure that appropriate attention is given to enable the rider to gain confidence and learn required skills. Class size limited.

All classes/lessons are taught by Tricia Brown - 27 years teaching /horse training experience, ARIA Certified, CPR and First Aid Certified

**Please see below for our key stages
**Please note that these are only guidelines, as obviously  much more will   be learned at each level:

Ages 4-6
PEE WEE Horsemanship lessons are set up as an introduction to riding for children. During these lessons, the child is introduced to being around and grooming a horse. The child will progress at their own pace and will begin riding when the comfort level of the child will allow. All mounted lessons will be on a lead line. While learning stretching exercises and balance games, we also incorporate primary learning such as colors shapes, numbers and important hand to eye skills. This unique program is designed to keep your child's attention so that they have fun while learning balance, confidence and coordination skills.

30 min one on one Lesson

Contact Tricia Brown to arrange lesson times

Cost $25.00/Lesson


Ages 7-12, 13-16

The LEVEL ONE – BEGINNER course consists of unmounted an mounted lessons and covers a wide range of challenging horsemanship basics for youth riders. Lessons topics include understanding the basic safety rules of the barn and safety around horses. Hands on training includes grooming and leading exercises, correct mounting and dismounting techniques and how to sit correctly on the horse/pony. Riders will learn to hold the reins correctly, basic steering and basic control of the horse at walk and jog. Riders will also learn proper equine care, tack, equipment and more. Each lesson is informative, fun and exciting for your child. The LEVEL ONE – BEGINNER course is a great way to introduce a new rider to the joy of horses and will not only leave your young rider feeling confident, accomplished and safer each time they ride but you will also see an improvement in self-esteem and self-assurance across the board. Putting a child in the position to control their own destiny is one of the best ways to help them grow

3 classes  - 2 hours each class.

6 hours total instruction

Tuition - $175.00



Ages 7-12, 13-16
Furthering the skills outlined above, riders will be taught with little or no assistance how to control and steer the horse. Mounted exercises without stirrups to further develop balance and strengthen legs for posting and sitting jog. When these skills have been mastered, riders will be taught diagonals, position and posture, various patterns including a figure of 8, circles and preparation for loping. Rider must also perform a balanced posting and sitting jog as to not bounce on the horse’s back or interfere with the horse’s mouth all while maintaining the proper 777 Exercise. Rider will remain a LEVEL TWO – INTERMEDIATE BEGINNER until one has developed balance, confidence and control in all phases of walk, jog.

4 classes - 1 1/2 hours each class

6 hours total instruction

Tuition - $175.00


Ages 7-12, 13 & Up
Within this skill level, riders will be taught to control the horse in walk, jog and lope with no assistance. Safe and secure positioning in all gaits, Basic preparation for progression to Level Four – INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED . An Intermediate rider has spent considerable time in the saddle but knows that there’s always something that will improve their riding skills and therefore the performance of the horse. At this stage, the rider recognizes that when their skills improve, their horse becomes more attentive and provides a far better and quicker response. The intermediate rider is taught the specific and individual commands that help them connect to their particular horse. The riders learns various patterns that help improve the flexibility of the animal while it enhances the leg aides of the rider. Riders will understand leads, perform transitions in all gaits, understand basic horse care an safety. Rider will remain a LEVEL THREE - INTERMEDIATE until one has developed the balance and confidence to lope the horse in a controlled manner.

6 classes - 1 1/2 hours each class

9 hours total instruction

Tuition - $270.00



Adult horsemanship classes offered but not limited to:

Level One Beginner Horsemanship

Level Two Intermediate Beginner Horsemanship

Level Three Intermediate Horsemanship

Traditional Californio Horsemanship

Feel, Timing and Balance

Advanced Horsemanship Drills


Tricia Brown Private Lessons:
Balanced Riding techniques and horse/rider biomechanics when applied to the classical art of riding, give riders the tools to correct their body position through awareness and inner references. As riders become aligned and old holding patterns, tensions and resistance are released, the body finds balance, softness and feel.  A relaxed and centered body is the result.  Riders are then able to experience their horses as a partner and not a tool.  By learning these new techniques, riders and their horses work as a team in an easy, soft and fluid way.  Recreational riders or high performance competitors, will learn how to maximise their effectiveness and performance.
** Each lesson is tailored  specifically to each students needs
** Youth to Adult
** Beginner to Advanced
Lesson  or student's horse
Cost: $50.00/ lesson