Professional Horse Training Services

Jeff's Horse Training Program's focus is to get each horse's confidence level as high as possible in an efficient way.  He does this by taking safety of the rider, safety of the horse, time and economics into consideration.  His method of building a horse's self-confidence will enable it to excel in any chosen direction.

To further a horse's training, the focus is the same- to patiently work with each horse to be  soft, solid, and a consistent competitor for years to come.  Jeff's training program is dedicated to long term quality, firmly believing it takes time to train a superior performance horse.  You can be assured the best possible care for your horse in training with specialized feeding programs as well as top quality facilities.

** Pro Cutter available for horses started in Cutting or Reined Cow horse events

Fee covers board and training each horse for 1 month.  Due 1st of each month and charged in advance to cover monthly expenses. 
*** All horses that arrive at the farm will be vaccinated before arrival.

Horse Evaluation
A 2 week intensive evaluation program. 

This program is designed for: 
*  Quick way to increase your horse's manageability and cooperation
* Create a good work ethic in your horse
* Evaluation of horse
(trainability, suitability of rider's skill level)
 * Decrease shyness or spookiness
* Increase Horse's respect and confidence

2 weeks/ Ask for current price

Shoeing/Hoof Trimming 
Hot/Cold Shoeing
Corrective Shoeing
Performance Horse Shoeing

Reining * Cutting * Ranch Riding * Ranch Versatility